A Practical Approach to Low-Cost Investing
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Living Well Magazine: Control What You Can: Keep Your Costs Down

June 5, 2015

Living Well Magazine 

You can’t control the markets, but you can control how much it costs to invest in them. Mutual fund costs are often couched in terms of expense ratios and commission charges, aka structural costs. Click here for the complete story. 

Can Indexing Become Too Big?

May 28, 2015


For some time now, actively managed mutual funds have been underperforming index funds that essentially own shares of all the stocks in the market. That’s because the lower costs of index funds give them huge advantages over the high-priced active funds. Though I’ve been investing in index funds for decades, I’m rather surprised by their more recent popularity. Read complete story here.


The Fashionable Investing Trend You Should Avoid

May 28, 2015

Time - Money Magizine

Value investing, the art of finding gems among beaten-down stocks, is a time-honored strategy. But recently a simple approach to value has become fashionable: Instead of hunting for bargains, buy all the stocks in the market, but “tilt” so that you own more of those with low prices relative to earnings or underlying business value.  Read the complete story here.


Funds Investing: Make More Money and Worry Less

April 5, 2014

Wall St. Journal

You know all that advice you hear about stock investing? You should ignore most of it. If you're investing for a long-term goal such as retirement, then keeping it simple with a portfolio of three to six broad-based, low-cost mutual funds can pay off in the long run. Rebalance on occasion, and you'll be well on your way. Read the complete story here.

Can You Beat the S&P 500 with the S&P 500? (STK 049)

April 2, 2014

Stacking Benjamins

Passive investing guru and Forbes contributor Rick Ferri joins us to talk about a “smart money” strategy that’s cropped up lately: Can you beat the S&P 500 with the S&P 500? His answer may surprise you. Listen to the Podcast here.

Launches Push US-Listed ETFs Above 1,500

August 14, 2013

Investment News

Rick Ferri, founder of the investment firm Portfolio Solutions and a known advocate of passive investing, projects that over the next 20 years, the exchange-traded product industry will at least triple the number of funds on the market. Read the complete story here.

Is It Time to Buy Commodities?

August 4, 2013

The Wall Street Journal

With prices sharply down on many commodities--and stocks at record highs--investors may be wondering: Is it time to swap stocks for soybeans? We investigate.  Read the complete story here.

Putting the Portfolio Odds in Your Favor

July 29, 2013

ETF Daily News

It’s well known that the majority of actively managed mutual funds underperform comparable index funds over any period longer than a few years. In fact, that statement has become so uncontroversial that even mutual fund salespeople freely  acknowledge it. But a recent white paper co-authored by Rick Ferri, A Case for Index Fund Portfolios, takes this idea a step further. Read the complete story here.

Portfolio Structure: Index vs. Active

July 17, 2013

S&P Dow Jones Indexes

Craig Lazzara, Global Head of Index Investment Strategy, S&P Dow Jones Indices interviews Richard A. Ferri, CFA, Founder, Portfolio Solutions LLC. Watch the video here.

What is the Best Way to Invest Your Money?

July 16, 2013


What’s the best way to invest your money? I’m not talking about whether to invest in stocks or bonds or real estate. I assume you’ve already decided on a diversified portfolio of mutual funds or ETFs, most likely covering all three of those popular asset classes. The question is: What kind of funds should you choose? Read the complete story here.

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