Earn 2 Percent More in 3 Easy Steps

In these times of low interest rates and volatile stock returns, wouldn’t it be nice to earn 2 percent or more per year with no extra risk? Of course it would! You can do it in 3 easy steps. Academics have been promoting these ideas for decade. Their recommendations are robust, conclusive, and…crushed by Wall [...]

Index Fund Buyers are Skilled Investors

People who buy market matching index funds have more investment skill that those who try to beat the markets by picking actively-managed mutual funds. The proof is in performance. Any fair study of mutual fund performance soon uncovers that low-cost index funds achieve better performance than a large majority of actively-managed mutual funds without adding [...]

Only Leadership Will Restore Trust on Wall Street

The public’s opinion of Wall Street and the financial services industry is at an all-time low. Reputations have been tarnished by repeated scandals, bankruptcies, bailouts and bad executive behavior. This perception will not change with more government regulation because the problem is not one of process, it’s one of leadership. Today, there’s a severe shortage [...]

Why Tactical Is Impractical

Successful investing requires a sound philosophy, a practical strategy and the discipline to follow through. Philosophy encompasses big picture beliefs; strategy involves the fine details; and discipline is the ability to implement and maintain a strategy through good times and bad. Philosophy can be divided into two camps. The first camp believes that the financial [...]

Facing the Tax Mountain

The financial landscape in America is treacherous. It’s like sprinting down a narrow trail in thick fog with a fiscal cliff on one side and a tax mountain on the other. Taxes are undoubtedly going up for many Americans, particularly affluent households. If you’re facing the tax mountain, can you − or should you − [...]