Portfolio Help for Retirees

A funny thing happens to do-it-yourself (DIY) investors when the long march toward financial security is within reach – they start to consider hiring an investment adviser. This is understandable because managing a small sum of money in the early accumulation years is quite different than managing a large sum in retirement. I assure you, [...]

Bond Funds for the Long Run

One of the most common investment questions people ask is, “Should I buy individual bonds or a bond fund?” I’ll cut right to the chase. Individual bonds work well when you have a lump sum set aside for a known purpose at a known future date and you cannot afford to take any principal risk. [...]

Occupy Wall Street Needs Bogle’s Book

The Occupy Wall Street movement held their one-year anniversary in New York this week and it drew more yawns than interest. The turnout was modest and the protest was benign. Truth be told, America has lost interest in the movement’s ambitious and ambiguous causes. The organizers should refocus on issues that actually mean something to [...]

Leaky Buckets of Money

Ray Lucia thought he created an investment strategy that couldn’t fail. His Buckets of Money (BOM) method moved money between accounts in a way that he believed would provide ever-green income without worry. However, Lucia may have stepped over the line to prove it worked. On September 5, 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) [...]

Getting Index Fund Religion

More investors are changing their investment religion to passive indexing each year, and it’s a wonderful thing. Thousands of investors have already moved from the disappointing returns and high fees of actively-managed funds to embrace the teachings of John Bogle and his many Boglehead disciples. They’ve said good bye to Legg Mason, American Funds, and [...]