A Beautiful Asset Class Few Can Own

The Mei Moses All Art Index was formed in 2000. Its purpose is to track historic valuations of investment-grade art. To date, the proprietary database has 27,000 repeat art sale prices from reputable worldwide auctions such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.  It is the most extensive index of repeat artwork sales compiled anywhere in the world. [...]

Russell Says Best Strategy is to Diversify and Rebalance

Russell Investments has weighed in on the active versus passive debate with a new report on investor returns since September 2008.  Their conclusion is similar to all other studies on asset allocation. The most reliable returns afforded to investors come from a simple diversified portfolio of index funds that is rebalanced regularly. “The impact of [...]

This ETF is Bound to be Underwater

AdvisorShares is developing an ETF with Philippe Cousteau Jr., 31, the grandson of the late oceanography legend and scuba inventor, Jacques Cousteau. The Bethesda, Md.-based fund provider will donate at least half of the management fee from Global Echo ETF (NYSEArca: GIVE) to a foundation co-founded and run by Cousteau. The Global Echo Foundation, a [...]

1 in 20 Fund Investors Beat the Odds

The active versus passive debate tends to center around one actively managed mutual fund versus one index. But that’s not how people invest. We buy several mutual funds in different categories. Since a portfolio consists of multiple mutual funds, a portfolio of actively managed funds should be benchmarked to a portfolio of comparable index funds [...]

More Bad News for Market Timers

Asset allocation is often divided into two camps, strategic and tactical. These are two very different strategies with very different risks and returns. Strategic asset allocation involves a fixed allocation to asset classes that is based on long-term views of market returns and long-term correlations among markets. Each portfolio is matched to an investor’s liabilities [...]