It’s All About Yuan

Too much of a good thing has never been a good thing, and China’s surging economic growth is no exception. The advancement in China’s consumer economy is creating inflationary pressures in that country and forcing economic policies that are attempting to put the brakes on growth. Chinese policies are the opposite of the policies being [...]

The Fight of the Century: Bond Buyers versus Gold Bugs

The difference in opinion concerning the long-term global economic outlook has grown to the size of the Grand Canyon. Bond buyers see slow global economic growth leading to prolonged low inflation and low interest rates. Gold bugs see reckless monetary and fiscal policy leading to plummeting currency values and out of control global inflation. Someone [...]

Once again, past performance is not an indication of future returns

The phrase “past performance is not an indicator of future results,” or some variation thereof, can be found in the fine print of all mutual fund literature that displays past performance data. Yet due to either force of habit or conviction, investors and advisors alike consider past performance to be the most important factor in [...]

MIT’s Daily Global Inflation Monitor

Want to compare daily inflation in the U.S. to the U.K., or even China? Now you can with The Billion Prices Project @ MIT. This is the first online tool that tracks daily price fluctuations of ~5 million items sold by ~300 online retailers in more than 70 countries. The site also compares Billions Price [...]

All Aboard QE2

America is on a journey to unknown lands. The vessel for this journey is QE2. This acronym traditionally stood for the Queen Elizabeth II, the exotic ocean liner. But in this case, it means “quantitative easing, part 2”. It’s the direction the Federal Reserve Bank is taking in an attempt to speed up economic recovery [...]